Friday, 15 May 2015


Today was a very big day! School tours in the morning, lunch, change and get ready for the big awards ceremony.

Being piped into the hall.

  New friends from PEI . . . 

WE scored GREAT seats!!!!

Our very special, wonderful guest - 
Ivie's dad all the way from Nelson, Leif Luttmer.
It was so great to have him here and he was so lovely with all the kids.
Thanks Leif for the books (they loved them)

Our Trafalgar ragalfarts, Ivie and Dylan.

Not having any fun at ALL!

I know you won't like this one Ivie but it is soooo funny!
 . . . . and now for the dance . . . . 
truly, it is never-ending!

Nicholas had tons of fun at the dance - 
except for the odd refreshment,
I am pretty sure he never left the action!

Recently crowned . . . 

and then Ivie at her fiercest!

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