Monday, 9 May 2016

                          WEST KOOTENAY 
              SCIENCE FAIR KIDS - 2016

Representing our district this year:
           Johanna Brochhagen
                   Dylan Peil
                         Marisa Price

This year our kids are heading to MONTREAL, QUEBEC . . . . . for a week of science and fun courtesy of  . . . . . 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Saturday - what a day!

We began the day with another 3 hours of massive crowds
of Frederictonion's (no such word, I know!) enjoying all these 
amazing young people. 

Nicholas with his amazing silver medal - job well done!

Science work stations for the public and the finalists - lots of cool booths.

These are two of the major award winners - yup - grade 9/10 . . . 

Grade 12 - over $100,000 in scholarship and cash (and a patent) - CRAZY!!

After we took down the projects, we chilled out downtown looking at some 
spectacular architecture - government building.

Sculpture garden

Ivie mimicking the sculpture

Beautiful old homes - beautifully maintained.

Packing up THE dish for shipping. Every tool carefully packed and accounted for.
BRAVO Dylan - you took such good care of every bit.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

TRAVELLING, travelling and more travelling

We are home but not up to doing any posts on the 
blog today - started our travels at 2:45 a.m. so no
photos, just rest!

Friday, 15 May 2015


Today was a very big day! School tours in the morning, lunch, change and get ready for the big awards ceremony.

Being piped into the hall.

  New friends from PEI . . . 

WE scored GREAT seats!!!!

Our very special, wonderful guest - 
Ivie's dad all the way from Nelson, Leif Luttmer.
It was so great to have him here and he was so lovely with all the kids.
Thanks Leif for the books (they loved them)

Our Trafalgar ragalfarts, Ivie and Dylan.

Not having any fun at ALL!

I know you won't like this one Ivie but it is soooo funny!
 . . . . and now for the dance . . . . 
truly, it is never-ending!

Nicholas had tons of fun at the dance - 
except for the odd refreshment,
I am pretty sure he never left the action!

Recently crowned . . . 

and then Ivie at her fiercest!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Sharing what we know with OTHERS . . . .

We started the day with unBELIEVABLE science classes
at the university - everyone did different things.

Ivie on her way to Forestry and Geology - 

This is nano gold - no kidding.  Part of a nanotechnology 
session I participated in.

Then a chemistry lab.

Dylan and Nicholas in class

Today is one of three days we shared our projects with the public
and when we say public we mean LOTS OF PEOPLE!

All the projects!

Then an evening all together watching students perform in a talent show.
WOW !!!! These kids know much more than science -  truly amazing.

Ivie's dad is here and I am SURE Leif saw them from his hotel!

Travels on the shores of NB

NICHOLAS  is responsible for all of the photos taken on our amazing day at the Bay of Fundy . . . enjoy!

First stop - a covered bridge (there are 62 remaining in New Brunswick) 
and a lighthouse - which there are many of!

and now - the Bay of Fundy!

LOTS of hiking - down to Melvin Beach this time . . . .

Throw in a waterfall - lovely, and then a rope bridge . . . 

 . . . and a final visit to the Bay of Funny

News of Dylan and Ivie's day will be posted soon . . .